Dr. Willis provides psychiatric services for child and adolescent teen patients (up to 18).


On the first visit, patients can plan to receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation lasting ~75 minutes. With information obtained from Dr. Willis’ review of intake paperwork and direct communication with patient and the guardian. In addition to a thorough analysis of the patient’s “chief complaint” (or principal problem), patients will be screened for other common psychiatric disorders.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors and must consider the overall health of their patients. As such, Dr. Willis will review the patient’s general medical history and will consider possible physical illnesses which could be contributing to psychiatric symptoms.

ExpandIn addition, there will be a thorough review of psychosocial factors, including developmental details. This information helps Dr. Willis to get to know the patient as a person and helps him formulate the diagnostic impression and develop an individualized treatment plan to address all the core issues. Whether the issues be those that require the use of medications, or those that may not be effectively treated with medications, but rather behavioral therapy or other psychotherapy approaches.


Patients should be able to trust that their psychiatrist is an expert on the medication management of their mental health conditions. Dr. Willis honors this trusted stewardship in every way. And once established at Northland Child Psychiatry, patients will have their medications managed under his proficient care. By virtue of his residency and fellowship training, Dr. Willis has a thorough understanding of the potential risks and benefits of a multitude of medications. And he is committed to staying up to date on the latest information.

Understanding that few medications are truly without risk, Dr. Willis believes in utilizing the lowest effective medication burden to manage the symptoms. He accepts that sometimes this means using no medications at all. With this said, he absolutely believes in medications and will advocate for their use whenever they are indicated. After all, it is unfortunate when anybody, especially a child, is denied treatment and left to suffer with a condition that could have been effectively and safely managed with the right medication.

ExpandUltimately, Dr. Willis believes in patient and guardian autonomy and will not force or guilt anyone into a particular treatment, but he will perform his duty in providing informed medication treatment recommendations, and will work in cooperation with patients and their guardians to achieve the best possible outcomes for the patient.

In many cases, Dr. Willis does not believe that medications must be forever, though he does not want to be too hasty in working off medications. At every encounter, Dr. Willis thoughtfully analyzes the medication regimen, which includes consideration of the impressions and goals of patients and parents on the matter.

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Dr. Willis offers the option for follow-up appointments to take place through televideo. This requires access to a smart-phone, tablet, or computer, and internet access. For the most part, the services offered through Telepsychiatry are the same as those offered in-person. With that said, there may be circumstances that require in-person follow-up.